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A Dark Side of Seeking: A Comprehensive Review for 2024

Seeking, once synonymous with sugar daddy dating, has undergone a transformation into a mainstream dating site under its new guise. However, beneath the glitzy exterior and promises of “luxury dating,” there lies a myriad of issues that cast a shadow over the entire Seeking experience. From questionable practices to exorbitant costs, here’s an in-depth exploration of the negatives that Seeking brings to the online dating landscape.

The Controversial Transition from SeekingArrangements to Seeking:

Seeking’s attempt to distance itself from its sugar daddy roots is met with skepticism. The controversial past continues to haunt the platform, leaving users questioning the authenticity of its rebranding. The shift from catering to a niche market to claiming inclusivity raises eyebrows, making it difficult for users to trust the platform’s motives.

Infiltration of Fake Accounts and Bots:

Despite boasting a thorough verification process, Seeking struggles to keep fake accounts and bots at bay. Users frequently encounter profiles that slip through the cracks, undermining the credibility of the platform. The presence of inauthentic profiles raises concerns about the effectiveness of Seeking’s security measures.

Visibility of Inactive Profiles:

One glaring flaw in Seeking’s user experience is the persistence of inactive profiles. While users expect a dynamic environment, the platform fails to filter out profiles that are no longer active. This oversight results in wasted time and diminished chances of meaningful connections, leaving users frustrated.

Financial Strain on Users:

Seeking’s promise of “luxury dating” comes at a steep cost. The financial burden placed on users, particularly men seeking premium memberships, is a significant drawback. The pricing structure reveals a pattern of escalating costs, potentially alienating users who seek affordable and accessible dating platforms.

Scammers Prowl Amidst the Elite:

The allure of an elite dating platform attracts not only genuine individuals but also a swarm of scammers. The platform becomes a fertile ground for those seeking to exploit unsuspecting users. The presence of scammers tarnishes the platform’s reputation, and users must navigate a minefield of deceptive profiles in their quest for genuine connections.

Questionable Business Model:

The app’s business model revolves around enticing users with free registration but restricting essential features behind a paywall. While common in the dating site landscape, this approach can be frustrating for users looking to explore the platform before committing financially. The focus on premium memberships raises questions about the platform’s dedication to fostering authentic connections.

Opaque Account Verification Process:

The account verification process, touted as a security measure, lacks transparency. Users are left in the dark about the criteria for approval, and the seemingly arbitrary nature of the process raises concerns. The lack of clear guidelines contributes to a sense of uncertainty among users awaiting verification.

Limited Free Features:

While the app allows free browsing after registration, the scope of free features is severely limited. The platform encourages users to open their wallets to unlock essential communication tools. This restrictive approach contradicts the concept of a free-to-use platform and may deter potential users seeking more inclusive alternatives.

A Profile Setup Maze:

Setting up a profile on the app is no straightforward task. The platform introduces complexities such as selecting tags and providing detailed information about income and net worth. This detailed profiling, while intended to enhance matching, may alienate users accustomed to more straightforward setups on other dating platforms.


Seeking, in its quest for a mainstream image, fails to address fundamental issues that plague the user experience. From a controversial past to the financial strain on users and the persistence of scammers, the website falls short of providing a secure and inclusive dating environment. Users are left grappling with a platform that prioritizes financial gain over genuine connections, making it a questionable choice in the vast landscape of online dating. As the allure of luxury fades, users must weigh the negatives carefully before venturing into the complex world of Seeking.


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